Want to have a career in real estate?


Want to make good & fast $$$?


Want to learn about Project Marketing & Sales?


Want to work among professional & passionate partners?


Want to join a company that is like a family to you?


Join The Agency of Choice : Huttons!

RECRUITMENT : Getting to know Us!!

Who We Are?

  • Huttons is one of the fastest growing Real Estate companies in Singapore
  • Established since 2002, we are located at Bishan CPF Building, opposite Junction 8
  • We currently maintain a pool of more than 3,000 dedicated, committed and highly motivated Salespersons and Staff
  • We specialize in Projects Marketing for Local & Overseas Projects and Properties Resale & Leasing in Singapore
  • We have a good network of regional and international partners to support and widen our business opportunities

Our Vision

We strive to be an International Real Estate Agency of Choice for discerning clients by offering the best service standards, the most optimal response time, and the highest level of professionalism in our industry.

Our Mission

In every property transaction we undertake, we are committed to:

  • Listening to our clients
  • Tailoring our solutions to their unique requirements
  • Achieving the best price possible in the shortest possible time
It is our privilege to help our clients achieve their aspirations of high and fast sales for their projects or building up their individual property portfolio step-by-step from that first dream home to a winning investment property.

Why Choose Us?

Join the Winning Team

  • Since 2002, we have grown from a small pool of Salespersons to 3500+ leading Real Estate Consultants and still rapidly expanding
  • We launch 1 new project every week, supported by a highly efficient sales force
  • Largest market share in project marketing
  • We own a large market share in the local real estate industry fluctuating in the 30-50% bandwidth
  • We have a track record of providing fast and efficient sales
  • Many of our projects have received 100% sales within the first few months of launch

Expansion of International Project Marketing into:

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Iskandar & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Manchester & London, UK
  • Osaka, Japan

What type of career can you expect with us?

Individual Associates Key Milestones

Every Associate a Successful Agent!!

As a company, as leaders and as fellow Associates, we strive to ensure that our Associates are well trained, coached and supported so that they can achieve successful closures in transactions after transactions.

GCE per successful Agent >$50k

  1. Join us because you are joining a winning team with a credible track record, a strong branding and a significant market share in new project launches
  2. Join us because we have ready projects (Residential, commercial, industrial & soon EC) for you – you just need to focus on selling
  3. Join us because we provide carefully developed sales kits and training to help you achieve your sales
  4. Join us because we have a team of strong leaders who will guide you to achieve your best sales outcome.
  5. Join us because we maintain a group of committed staff to provide responsive and effective support to YOU – Our Salesperson
  6. Most of all, join us because we provide timely and generous incentives and commissions for your successful transactions

How we support & care for you as a family?

Huttons as a Family

Each year at the Corporate level, a variety of activities are organised to allow our Salespersons to interact, network, and most of all to relax and bond with one another:

  • Huttons Nite: an informal event of games and fun, usually organised in Aug each year
  • Huttons Annual Convention: an occasion to honour our best performers and leaders as well as to share our achievements and business plans. Organised in the beginning of each year before the D&D
  • Huttons Annual D&D: an annual event to celebrate our success and encourage our Salespersons to continue their good works
  • Other Activities: Besides corporate events, leaders also organise their own activities at team, division or project level to appreciate the hard work and dedication of their respective members as well as a way to provide more opportunities for us to grow as one team.

Huttons have committed more than $2m in Support of our Salespersons

Office renovated and restructured to provide higher level of support to salespersons

  • Open Office and more dedicated counters for registration & admin matters

Project Marketing Logistics Support

  • Project Logistic Support e.g. Transportation, Water, Stationary, Balloons, Q Poles, Preparation of brochures, Project files, e.g. Cheques records file

Branding & Marketing – $100k

  • Subsidy of salesperson’ marketing costs, logo placements, and advertisements $70,000
  • Corporate branding and identity brochures, pamphlets, and videos $20,000
  • Improved positioning and branding of Huttons locally and internationally
  • Enhanced regional brand awareness via social media
  • In-house marketing advisory support (logos, corporate materials, social media ads. etc)

Research – $80k

  • Provide regular updates to salespersons on latest market developments and trends
  • Equip salespersons with insightful research data to support their marketing activities
  • Provide value-added services to clients and end-purchasers who are members of the “Huttons VIP Club“
  • Research new market opportunities

Technology – $770k

  • Set up Data Protection (DPO) Team to ensure Salespersons comply with the PDPA and update with the latest PDPC news. Provide queries support.
  • Office equipped with latest update marketing software , PowerSearch , Proptools and Homebiz.
  • Moving towards mobile apps, Huttons SG project ($22k) and Spidergate ($220k to lower costs per Salesperson).
  • Huttons Management System ($530k).
    • Developed and fully owned by Huttons
  • Daily update on the company latest news through SMS
  • Office landline integrated with DNC phone system (Spidergate)