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CEO of Capitaland Vietnam - The Real Estate Personality of The Year.

CEO of Capitaland Vietnam - The Real Estate Personality of The Year..

In a recent press, CEO of CapitaLand Vietnam - Mr. Chen Lian Pan shared honouredly about the development of CapitaLand Vietnam as well as his management style and Credo “Building People” of their CapitaLand Group.

Receiving the Real Estate Personality of the Year award marks a milestone in his career with Capitaland with the effective support of the staff. With the leadership as a balance between Yin and Yang, along with The Credo - “Building People”, he affirmed that To be a good leader you need to concentrate on managing and building the staff.

In addition, People, also, - is the key success factor in management style he chases. Focus on people, motivate, guide them in the careers, manage each person individually according to their own personality, he takes belief that a good staff may not necessarily be one with the highest IQ or education qualifications.

About all src="http://capitalandcondo.whatsproperty.com/s of Capitaland in Vietnam

His live is shared equally for each, Mr Chen said.

Every property owns the unique difference. With Vista Verde, The Vista and Seasons Avenue that aim to the mid and high-end segment and well-received by both foreign and local investors. Through all them, quality standards in apartment lifestyle with lush landscaping, state-of-the-art facilities and sustainable values are introduced completely to the Vietnam market.

And the src="http://capitalandcondo.whatsproperty.com/s tailored for the middle class like The Krista, Kris Vue, PARCSpring and Mulberry Lane offer apartments ideal for families with children - a living environment suitable for children to grow up in.

Each src="http://capitalandcondo.whatsproperty.com/ are brought into life with a new innovation, he said, a new concept for the best and significant life everyone comes to get to.

The strategy in H2 of this year for Capitaland Vietnam

Vista Verde, one of the prime residential properties in Ho Chi Minh City of Capitaland, will celebrate its Topping-Out in July 2016, he revealed. And they are planning for the launch of a new development in District 2.

Capitaland aims for quality, design and facilities of developments - the growth in size and innovation as well, Mr. Chen said.

What is the strategy in 2017 of Capitaland?

Besides residential properties, Capitaland also development its diversify with integrated developments and office buildings in Vietnam commercial segment.

The upcoming branded integrated developments of Capitaland - “Raffles City
” are set to become urban icons in cultural and business districts in global gateway cities. The “Raffles” is the synonym with Singapore and The “City” drops a hint about the integrated nature and central location of these CapitaLand src="http://capitalandcondo.whatsproperty.com/s.

Although there is the variation in composition among developments of The Raffles City, all they get the consistence in the quality of facilities, finish and design. Well-tailored by renowned international architects, The Raffles City has recognized as a mark of EXCELLENCE.

He shared that internationally, Capitaland has built nine Raffles City developments. And the hope is that the next one can be in Vietnam, either in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.